3DS Has Sold 15 Million Units In US

As we all know, Nintendo has somewhat of a strangle-hold on the mobile gaming market. Ever since the GameBoy came out Nintendo has been the king in on-the-go gaming. Well, as if to completely cement that fact into existence, it would appear Nintendo has made another huge stride for the company. The 3DS has become the 8th Nintendo system to sell at least 15 Million units in the United States. This does of course include all Iterations of the hardware since it’s release in March of 2011.

With the large library of exclusive games for the hardware, it’s no wonder that the 3DS  has become so popular. So, with a hearty cheer and hurrah, lets all welcome the 3DS into the history books and hope for more great news for the hardware down the line.

Because you know, with E3 just around the corner, I think it’s safe to say that Nintendo will be showing off even more games to play on the go. Personally, I’m hoping for some news on a new Metroid game. Don’t let me down Nintendo!