Homeland Season 5 Adds Four Top Talents

Homeland looks to be reinventing itself again for its next season, in not only in its plot, but its cast too. Two top female talents, Sarah Sokolovic (Cold Comes the Night) and Miranda Otto (Lord of the Rings trilogy and War of the Worlds) have both signed up, and they will join two German stars, Sebastian Koch (The Lives of Others and A Good Day to Die Hard) and Alexander Fehling (Inglorious Bastards and Labyrinth of Lies) who begin filming in Berlin for season 5 this week with the rest of the old cast.

Claire Danes will reprise her role as Carrie while Mandy Patinkin, Rupert Friend, and F. Murray Abraham will also return as Saul, Quinn, and Dar Adal respectively.

The actors will be filming from the streets of Berlin this time, which moves Homeland away from last seasons setting of Pakistan and onto something entirely different, in more ways than one.

The new cast members and location mean Carrie is situated in Berlin working for a private security firm under Sebastian Koch, Otto During, who is a German philanthropist. The change of setting also means a change of tune for the plot, as Carrie is under a self imposed exile so her work in terrorist related affairs is, for now, over. Maybe this could stop Carrie from being so intense all the time as Alexander Fehling is reportedly playing her boyfriend, Jonas Happich, a legal counsellor for the During Foundation.

New Cast: Sebastian Koch, Sarah Sokolovic, Miranda Otto, and Alexander Fehling.

Perhaps the showrunner’s Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, are going to make Carrie’s character a little more sympathetic, while Sokolovic and Otto’s will be the straight talking hard noses. Who knows, but their character descriptions would be fitting for that archetype as Sokolovic plays an American journalist for the During Foundation, while Otto plays Allison Carr, the Berlin chief of police; both could be independent and stubborn female characters.

It’s unknown what kind of role Saul, Quinn and Dar Adal will play, but I’m sure the tensions from last season’s finale, where Carrie felt betrayed by Saul for working with the double agent Dar Adal, will carry over in some way. As for Quinn, I’m sure some mess will be created by episode 5 and they’ll need him to come in and go full John McClane.

So expect a little less terrorism but still loads of twists and backstabbing and a cry face or two as season 5 will premiere in October on Showtime.