Armello To Be Funded By New Indie Fund Restructure

For those that don’t know, Indie Fund is a funding source that was created by already successful independent developers to help encourage people to get into the business. The restructuring is very basic; They have more developers to help fund projects, as well as allowing for said developers to change what they would like to invest in an individual project. Basically, they’ve become far more flexible!

What the flexible nature does, is allow a game like Armello to continue to exist.

Armello was a Kickstarter funded game, and is still in early access. If you’ve ever wanted a fantasy game that feels like a tabletop game, while also having strategic card play and RPG elements, as well as allowing you and up to three other people all play together, then Armello may just be for you.

There are four animal clans to play as in Armello. Rat, Wolf, Bear, and Rabbit. Each map is procedurally generated which assures that each time you play will be different.

Now, if that trailer convinced you to check it out, then you can buy it right now in early access. If early access isn’t your jam, then worry not! Armello is set for full release in September of this year on PS4 and PC.

The art style alone makes me want to play this game, But, knowing what lies behind that art style is even more tantalizing. I’m ready for a new, deep and rewarding, strategy game for me and a few friends to dive into!