(Update) This Weeks Witcher 3 Free DLC Announced


While the Gwent, DLC description make’s it sound like they are a new card set, in reality, they are just a re-skin for some of the existing neutral card set. You can activate the alternative look for these cards by going to Options, then to Downloadable Content, just like you would to activate the Alternative Look for Yennefer DLC.

Original Story.

Today CD Projekt Red announced this week’s free DLC for all game owners. A new modifier for the card game Gwent, and a new quest having something to do with a pig. (Pig quest….Interesting.)

The new Pig Quest takes players to a town where citizens have been disappearing. As the description states, “Geralt and a village idiot team up to learn the secret of an abandoned village inhabited entirely by pigs.” It sounds like a funny/fun take on the sometimes bleak world of Witcher 3. You can start this quest by talking to NPCs who invite Geralt for food in the Lurtch village in Velen’s No Man’s Land.

The Gwent DLC will add another set of cards to the game, neutral cards called “Ballad Heroes.” When players start a game of Gwent, the new cards will appear.

I’m glad to see more guests coming in the free DLC’s that CD Projekt Red has been so good with in this game. This Pig DLC sounds right up my alley because I love crazy stuff like this. On the other hand is the Gwent DLC. I have not touched Gwent in my 50 hour playthrough because I would like to finish this game sometime this year, and I know if I get into that I won’t be doing anything else besides playing Gwent because it seems like something I really want to get into.

We’re halfway through the free DLC releases, there are 8 more to go. I’m excited to see what these last 8 DLCs will be.