No New Songs For Guitar Hero Live This Week, More To Come At E3

Oh no! We don’t have a Tracklist Tuesday reveal this week! What will we do?! Wait another week I suppose.

So today Activision has posted on their blog that they will not be revealing any songs this week. Instead, they have decided to have a bigger reveal next week at E3. They also announced that attendees will also be able to try out the game’s GH Live mode at the convention. The GH Live mode is where you face live-action crowds that react to your performance. The other mode that won’t be playable at E3, GH TV, plays music videos in the background instead of the traditional performances. GH TV also works like an actual television channel where songs are constantly being played and players can jump right in at any moment.

We already know dozens of songs, but “hundreds” are said to be available at the game’s launch. Until then, check this link here for last week’s song announcements as well as the links to the previous song reveals.  With E3 only one week away, stay tuned for all the new songs and features to be announced!