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Who here likes Japanese Music!? Well, it’s a safe bet to say that, if you’re visiting us here at Anime Kiosk, you probably have at least a favorite opening or ending theme song. That interest is what got me looking for an app for Anime and general Japanese music. I’m not all that picky when it comes to Apps, so for what I was looking for, I figured the first few ones would be good. So, I picked Anime Radio.

It’s a pretty basic app. There are a total of 48 radio stations to choose from, including a Kamehouse Station and one that appears to be based on Final Fantasy music. There’s even a station dedicated to music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s! For the most part, it’s a solid app, and there’s the always-awesome feeling of nostalgia you get when you hear a classic song from one of your favorite shows.




Radio Subarashii is one of the radio stations available through the app.

With that said, there are some complaints to be had regarding the app, though  As stated, the App itself is nothing to be overwhelmed over, and serves as more of a central hub to get to the stations. There’s an option to “favorite” certain stations, but that’s really the only thing done through the actual App.

Another problem I found with the app was a perceived lack of effort on the part of the creators of the App to really push the stations they have. Many of the stations available through Anime Radio like Anime AMAZE could use the publicity and potential support that could be brought to them by some sort of link to their website or twitter page. The fact that the chance to learn about the background of these stations and how viewers could potentially contact the DJs is a bit disappointing.


Power 945 is a radio station available through Anime Radio.

Power 945 is a radio station available through Anime Radio.

Barring my disappointment at the waste of opportunity and ambition taken with the App, I think it’s not all that bad, but there are likely better choices in apps when it comes to searching for Japanese and Anime-themed music.

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