Mod Remakes GTA Vice City In GTAV

Yesterday Taltigolt, a Youtuber with a knack for making mods revealed that he is at work on a mod that will re-create Grand Theft Auto Vice City in GTAV and with the GTAV engine.

Taltigolt has earned a lot of attention for is work and the detail that goes into it. As of now the mod is still in the works but he has put out a video (see it below) showing his work on the world so far. He has yet to add any people or traffic, but it is crazy to see what can be done with modding these days.

It will be interesting to see this world come to life in the future. I never have played Vice City so I can’t really comment on how accurate his work is from what little I’ve seen of the game through Let’s Plays that I have seen. While I’m not a PC gamer it’s times like this that I kind of want to get become one.

Source Game Informer