Mega Man Legacy Collection Announced

Well, Capcom said they would be focusing on remastered versions of their extensive catalog, and after announcing Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster, it appears their next title in that initiative will reach even further back.

Capcom has officially announced the Mega Man Legacy Collection, which includes the first six titles in the classic Mega Man universe. In addition, the collection also contains a challenge mode and a “museum” that will provide all sorts of information on the classic Mega Man titles included therein. Capcom has also stated that we will see more of the title at E3 this year. The Mega Man Legacy Collection will retail for $14.99, and will launch this summer on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and, eventually, 3DS.

Fifteen bucks isn’t a bad deal for six incredible gaming experiences, but I hope to see more features announced beyond the challenge mode and a museum. Considering the PS2 received a similar collection over 10 years ago, with substantially more content, it seems a bit odd that this is relatively barren. Still, the classic Mega Man titles are a part of gaming history, and if you’ve never played these gauntlets of death, now may be the perfect time to hop on the bandwagon. You can check out the launch trailer below: