I’m Joshua, An Adventure Game About Slavery

Today I woke up to an interesting press release I thought was newsworthy. Scrolling through my numerous emails, I saw something for a game titled “I’m Joshua”.

The plot synopsis tells us that Joshua was born on the ship “Guerreiro do Mar”, a galleon of Portuguese slave drivers. He was trafficked and bought when he was an infant and now works for the Galloway household South-West of the city New Orleans. It looks like ‘I’m Joshua’ is aiming to play like a classic adventure game, with a little inspiration from more recent adventure games.

With the pixelated art style, and the controversial subject matter, ‘I’m Joshua’ has the opportunity to be brilliantly written and designed, or meandering and offensive.

‘I’m Joshua’ will be released in three chapters, none of which currently have a release date, though they are shooting for sometime in 2016. It currently only has plans for release via digital distribution on PC and will soon be starting a Kickstarter Campaign to help support development.

If you’d like you can check out the Gallery to get an idea of what they’re aiming for with the art-style.