Epic Game’s Fortnite Coming To Mac, Beta Later This Year

Today, at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference, Epic Games (creators of Gears of War and Unreal Tournament) revealed that their new game, Fortnite, will be coming to Mac, as well as PC. Alongside this news came the announcement that Fortnite will be receiving a beta later this year, unfortunately no specific date was mentioned for the beta.

The footage of Fortnite that has been released has showcased the game as a tower defense/Minecraft/Left 4 Dead combination. Announced almost two years ago, Fortnite’s gameplay consists of building your fort/scavenging for resources during the day and doing your best to survive attacks from zombie-like creatures at night. Fortnite also uses a more “cartoony” art style compared to previous games from Epic, straying far away from the realistic and gray world of Gears of War. Fortnite also uses an RPG style progression system and features looting, other features planned for the final product include multiple campaigns of varying length, some sort of Player Vs. Player gameplay.

You can check out some gameplay footage for Fortnite (from Epic Games themselves) below.



{Source: Gamespot}