BiT Evolution Leaving Early Access.

So BiT Evolution is leaving Early Access! Never heard of it? Well, maybe we should work together to amend that situation. I say this because, BiT Evolution is a pretty good time. You start off as a pong ball, that gets crushed, and then you evolve! But not right away. There are multiple worlds to work though, all with different game play styles that are inspired by different old-school consoles like Atari and NES.

I’ve played the game myself for about an hour and I’ve enjoyed it so far. It isn’t perfect, I don’t like the back tracking in the levels, but at the same time, that leads to some clever platforming sections that I can really appreciate. I really look forward to getting to the other worlds and seeing how they change up the base mechanics

If you want to check it out Major Games first title, then you can still get it in Early Access today. But, tomorrow, (June 9th) it will be a fully released game.