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Tap Heroes is Here with Mighty Bundles!

It’s no secret that the VaragtP Studios classic Tap Heroes is coming to Steam, and we’re all pumped for it. Who wouldn’t love a fast paced action-RPG with multiple levels, heroes, bosses, monsters, and environments to master?

VaragtP Studios doesn’t disappoint. Check out the gameplay trailer here:



If you’re dying to try out Tap Heroes, check out the Steam site here for a 10% discount.

With over 50 achievements to gather and collect you’ll never be bored, no matter how many times you explore the monster infested terrain with your new heroes. However there’s even more to expect from this awesome developer. For a limited time, nine VaragtP games are on sale for $4.99, and they’re DRM-Free! Check out more at the official site.

As always, be sure to show the developers some love on their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel.