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Skyforge: Meet the Kinetic!

Are you tired of adventuring through the lands of Skyforge without really awesome gloves? Do you sometimes just want to pummel enemies into the ground with the sheer force of gravity? Then you will love to play the Kinetic.

The Kinetic class controls the laws of physics to do amazing feats on the battlefield. Kinetics are capable of using gravity to destroy their foes directly, or by ripping massive stones from the ground to hurl at the unwitting foe.  They do it all while sporting their snazzy power-amplifying gloves and looking cool as a cucumber.  Kinetics can use physics to protect themselves, using the very magnetic fields of Aelion to restrict enemy movement or to encase themselves and allies in protective gravitational barriers.

Already stoked to see what this powerhouse has to offer? Well, here’s a video for you:



You’ll be even more excited once you read this list of abilities the Kinetic has at his or her disposal:

1Kinetic Pulse (LMB) – Has two charge levels:
• Tapping the mouse button fires a single charge at the enemy that increases the damage dealt to them by fully charged Stone Projectiles.
• Holding the mouse button builds a Kinetic Pulse and propels a chain of 3 charges, hitting all enemies in its path.

2Stone Projectile (RMB) -Press and hold the right mouse button. Releasing the Stone Projectile, once it’s ready, will inflict significant damage to the selected enemy. Casting Stone Projectile consumes charges of Kinetic Pulse and gains additional bonus damage for each charge consumed.

3Gravity Trap – Suspends the target enemy in midair for several seconds. During this time, the Kinetic’s attacks against the trapped enemy inflict critical damage. If the monster cannot be lifted in the air, it deals reduced damage to the Kinetic.

4Chain Gravitation – An energy charge strikes the target, inflicting great damage before bouncing to nearby enemies.

5Protective Shield – Creates a field that absorbs most incoming damage and protects the Kinetic against finishing strikes. The borders of the Protective Shield have two energy centers. Destroying them will disable the field.

6Quantum Collapse – Creates an unstable field in a selected area. After 2 seconds, the field explodes, inflicting tremendous damage to all enemies within the field.

7Sledgehammer – Charging their gloves with the energy of scorching plasma, the Kinetic engages enemies in hand-to-hand combat – inflicting enhanced damage with every strike.

8Luminous Burst – The Kinetic envelopes themselves in a protective shell that rolls the Kinetic forward and inflicts damage at the end of the roll. All enemies caught in the way are knocked back.

9Obliteration (Finishing Strike) – Lift’s the target enemy into the air before crushing them with stones – inflicting fatal damage. Can only be cast when the enemy is near death. Executing an enemy with Obliteration instantly restores 2 free charges of Luminous Burst.

10Seismic Explosion (Ultimate Ability) – Launching themselves into the air, the Kinetic explodes sending large shards of stone at enemies unfortunate enough to be in the area. Those left alive receive additional damage when the Kinetic lands back on the ground.

and this list isn’t even complete yet!  Obsidian Entertainment is going to release a full skill set on their website.

If you want to read more or just keep up with that snazzy skill set list, please see the official site here.

As always,  please follow the developer on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

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