[Update]Heroes of the Storm Reveals New Hero and Map for Diablo Themed Update

[Update] The date for the The Eternal Conflict update has been revealed to be releasing June 30th, so you have some time to prepare your fingers for all the clicking you will be doing on the new map and with The Butcher.


[Original]Heroes of the Storm recently released and Blizzard is doing a livestream of the game to show off the game as well as give out some new info, revealing they are going to be releasing a Diablo themed update known as The Eternal Conflict coming to the game sometime soon.

On the livestream today they announced that a new hero will be coming to the game known as The Butcher. The hero is a melee assassin class hero with an assortment of skills including Hamstring which deals damage and slows enemies in front of him in sort of a cone. Butcher’s Brand which is a debuff he can apply to an enemy hero or minion to take back health as he deals damage it also is doubled on heroes. Ruthless Onslaught which causes The Butcher to charge across the map at an enemy he picks and will also stun them if he hits them. And of course he has Heroic abilities to choose from including Lamb to the Slaughter that will drop a hitch that keeps enemies from running away by pulling them back to where the player dropped the hitch and also Furnace Blast which is an AoE fire skill that deals damage. And finally his trait Fresh Meat that will give him Fresh Meat from killing minions or heroes, 1 piece from minions and 3 from heroes, and every piece of Fresh Meat he collects he gains 1% to his attack damage.

Also included in the livestream was news that a new Diablo themed map will be coming to Heroes of the Storm called Battlefield of Eternity Battleground, you can check out a picture of the map in the tweet below.

You can check out the livestream for yourself here to see some Heroes of the Storm in action as they play the game and show off some new stuff coming to the game, and if you want to learn more about the game you can head to the games page here.


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