The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Ep. 43

It has been a busy week in the world of video games, and the Best Podcast on the Citadel is here to help you make some sense out of the madness. Although E3 is coming up soon, that hasn’t stopped a number of developers from revealing high-profile games, and the rumor mill has been chugging along non-stop. Hosts Blake Anglin and Chris Mrkvicka are joined by GameNews writers Shelby Walles, Scot Lewandowski and Travis Wayne to try to separate fact from fiction, and we start with one particularly juicy rumor concerning a long running story on the podcast.

After the cancellation of Silent Hills and the removal of the P.T. demo, questions have swirled as to what exactly will be the future of the franchise, and the Silent Hills game in development. A rumor surfaced that Microsoft was in talks to buy the beleaguered project for a billion dollars. That seemed highly unlikely, but a lot of the reasons behind the purchase seemed to make sense…at least until Phil Spencer shot the rumors down on Twitter. We discuss whether it was ever possible in the first place, and examine the pros and cons of such a move.

Valve and their flagship Steam distribution service have also been in the news recently, as it was recently announced that the Steam Machine will be hitting shelves this November, with pre-order customers getting theirs a bit early. With the news that Steam is now offering refunds for every game purchased digitally (within certain parameters), is now the time for gamers who have shunned PC gaming to hop on the Steam bandwagon? We are split on that question, and the introduction of the Steam controller does little to help us find a consensus.

We also talk shop on some of the awesome game announcements from the past week. Black Tusk Studios is now the Coalition, and will be showcasing a new Gears of War. Nathan Drake got some cool new box art for his upcoming adventure, while simultaneously looking to his past with an Uncharted Collection. XCOM 2 is also coming (only to PC for now), but we all know why you are really here: FALLOUT 4!!! We received a deluge of info on Bethesda’s newest entry into the wasteland, so naturally we break down every nugget on news we’ve seen. We also discuss our favorite E3 moments, because we all are really, really excited for E3.

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