Squid Girl DLC Announced for Splatoon

One of the most obvious cross-overs thinkable right now will be made a reality according to various Japanese magazines. Splatoon will be getting Squid Girl DLC in August, at least in Japan.


For those who don’t know, Shinryaku! Ika Musume, or Squid Girl in English, is a popular manga/anime about a squid who is also, indeed, a girl, who comes from the bottom of the sea to take over land. Thing is she sucks at it real bad.

Its like Invader Zim if it were more moe and less Hot Topic.

There is no telling if this will come west, if it did it would likely cause a plethora of head scratches as thousands of players try to figure out where this cross-over (or product placement, the manga is still running) even came from, but since its a free update its not unimaginable. Even if it is not as universally known as Mercedes Benz like in the Mario Kart 8 DLC, for western fans of the manga (such as yours truly) it would be a cute little bonus on top of what is already a pretty substantial experience. Not to mention the similarities and cross-over appeal with the squid kids are undeniable.

Speaking of bonuses, this isn’t the only free content planned for Splatoon in the coming months. The game will be recieving new gear, new weapons, and new maps too, all for price of zip.

Splatoon is available now for Nintendo Wii U.