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Inaugural Inductees For Worlds Video Game Hall Of Fame

Today, The Strong’s World Video Game Hall Of Fame announced the first Inductees into the Hall:

You can click any of the above titles and it will take you to the page on their site. Each game has a brief written history about them, as well as why they were inducted to begin with. Although, I don’t think it’s difficult to see why any of the aforementioned games were the chosen titles. All of them left a huge impact on the industry and in very different ways.

Without Mario what would platformers even be like? Without Tetris what would modern puzzle games be like? Without Pong what would uh….other Pong games be like? Okay, fine, but Pong was seriously revolutionary at the time and one of the major reasons we even have video games to this day.

I think that The Hall Of Fame is a serious step forward for the industry. To this day so many people don’t take Video Games seriously, and that’s a downright shame.

If you’re interested in some history, go ahead and take a gander at what they had to say about all of these classic games.

So what do you think of the Hall Of Fame so far? Is there a game you think got shafted? Let us know in the comments below!

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