Firaxis Explains Why XCOM 2 is a PC Exclusive… For Now

When XCOM 2 got announced this week, it was also revealed that the title would be exclusive to PCs (Windows, Mac, Linux). This came as a surprise to many, considering previous titles were ported to the Xbox 360, PS3, and even mobile devices. It certainly surprised us in our podcast discussion, so whats going on?

Speaking to IGN, the team explains how the vision they have for the game can only be achieved on PC, so they are placing all of their focus there. There are great demands for this project, such as high-fidelity graphics, better environmental destruction, and “procedurally generated maps”. Creative Director Jake Solomon stated “Our expertise here is PC. That’s our home, and that’s where we’re really comfortable.” The generated maps were also an original goal for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but weren’t possible at the time. The team also states there are plans to add gamepad support to XCOM 2 eventually, but likely not until after the game releases.

Now don’t lose hope just yet, console gamers! Solomon also stated that a future release on the Xbox One and PS4 is possible, but it would not happen for a very long time. “We’re certainly not opposed to that, but I can assure that’s something we’re not even discussing yet,” also explaining that making this game for multiple platforms at once would be “impossible” given the size of the team.

How do you feel about consoles not seeing this game just yet? Does the explanation make sense? Share your thoughts below and stay tuned for more info throughout the month!