Watch Torbjörn Build Turrets in Newest Overwatch Video

Blizzard is keeping up the hype for Overwatch with yet another gameplay video, Torbjörn gets his time to shine in this gameplay video.

In the full video we get to see Torbjörn’s skills such as using his main weapon which is a Rivet Gun that will shoot rivets at long range or short range bursts of metal, his Forge Hammer which is used to upgrade repair and upgrade his turret but can also be used to smack an enemy, his Armor Pack ability where he will throw out an armor upgrade that either him or his allies can pick up, and probably his most important skill which is being able to build a stationary turret that will track enemies movements and shoot at them. The turret can be upgraded or repaired with scrap collected from dead enemies, upgrading it will increase its health and can also add a second cannon and even a rocket launcher. His ultimate Molten Core will also cause him to overheat his forge, letting him gain armor and scrap while also increasing his attack, building, and repair speeds.

You can check out the full video below and if you want to learn more about Torbjörn you can head to his page on Overwatch here. If you want to check out more Overwatch there are also videos for some other characters, Reaper, Hanzo, Mercy, Tracer, and Symmetra. There still is no release date for Overwatch but there is a beta planned for sometime later this year.