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Valve Introduces the Steam Controller

With the first wave of Steam Machines launching later this year, Valve has released a new video that shows off exactly what makes the new Steam Controller unique.

Using a haptic-enabled control pad Valve’s Steam Controller is able to virtualize the feel of moving a mouse around a screen. Because of this, the controller will be able to play numerous PC games that were never originally designed to support controller use as well as comfortably browse the internet. Valve’s controller is also incredibly customizable letting players remap any button they wish. These personalized controller configurations can be saved and then uploaded to the Steam Community so that other people can download it and use it themselves without having to fiddle with any kind of potentially tedious button remapping.

The controller will have dual-stage triggers for both analogue and digital input which should provide a very comfortable feel to anyone wanting to dump bullets into another person’s body. Alongside that it will also feature an accelerometer and gyroscope for driving fans who want to use it as a make-shift racing wheel, it can be both wired to your system or be played wirelessly, and if you do go wireless, plans to provide a ballpark estimate of 80s hours of playtime on two AA batteries.

The shipment quantities will be limited, but if you pre-order now the first wave will be arriving alongside the Steam Machines themselves on October 16th.

(Source: Steam)

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