My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too Episode 7 Review: Going Nowhere Fast

The seventh episode of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too was very similar to the meeting scenes that occurred last episode: long, very little happens, and next to no progress is made. Hachiman finds out that the rest of the Service Club is aware of what he’s doing, and he struggles with his recent decisions. However, the episode picked up at the end with an interesting ending.

When Yui, and Yukino later, brought up the fact that Hachiman chose to handle the upcoming Christmas event solo, I had expected there to be some disagreement about Hachiman’s actions. Yet surprisingly both of his fellow Service Club members seemed fine with Hachiman pulling a one man show with Ishiki’s request. Although to me it seems like Yui doesn’t fully agree with Hachiman’s choice, but not enough to verbalize a strong objection to it. I wonder if she’ll eventually snap at Hachiman for doing this all the time.


Just like the previous episode, there are several meeting scenes as the deadline for the Christmas event draws closer. Unfortunately, no progress is being made as the majority of people on the planning committee are better at channeling useless politicians than they are at doing their job. In fact I find it rather strange how calm everyone seems to be. Between not having anything set in stone, budget issues, and barely any time to put anything together, I’m surprised at how calm and collected that useless Student Council President is. I couldn’t help but groan when he told Hachiman they’d have to figure out what to do about the fact that they are running out of time. How Hachiman has not snapped yet, I have no idea. He has far more patience for that kind of nonsense than I ever could. Although his face during this episode made me wonder if he was screaming internally.

Now I’m not sure what effect this will have on the story in the future, but I was surprised by Yukino’s suggestion to Hachiman. Sure it may seem like she is nicely telling him to take a break from the Club because of all his hard work lately, but I can’t help but wonder if there is more to it than that. More than that, how will Yui react if Hachiman complies with the suggestion? At the very least, the trees covered with Christmas lights were really pretty during this scene and they added a lot to the atmosphere of this particular scene.


I’m hoping that the Christmas event story arc will be brought to a close by the end of the next episode, as it is one of the slower stories in the series so far. Lately there has been less humor and more drama, and a little more balance would be good as it seems like there is a great deal more drama to come. As far as the next episode goes, the preview indicates that Hachiman is going to get really irritated with the Student Council President, well more so than he already is. I look forward to seeing what will happen with that.


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  1. Bas

    Are you joking man? Who the hell voted on this…?!

    1. Really? F-ing Bojack is in the top 5? Even his name is freaking retarded. He’s like…top 20 lol.

    2. Broly is somewhat cool and a good villian, but not #4.

    3. Where the HELL is KID BUU? People vote Bojack, Majin Buu, and Broly yet not Kid Buu who is a friggin beast? You talk about Frieza being so badass for blowing up Planet Vegeta when Kid Buu blew like 50 planets back to back, like 10 secs each, just for the hell of it. Kid Buu is at least top 3.

    4. Why on earth is Frieza #1 and you guys say “we all knew this was gonna be the winner”? Frieza SUCKS. If this poll was “which villian had the most epic fight with the heroes?” Frieza would be near the top but best Villian overall? But not #1. Come on guys…

    5. Again, why is Majin Buu on here when Kid Buu just destroys him, literally, and just toys with him. The only thing good about Majin Buu is that he regenerates yet all the other Buus who are way more badass can do it.

    I probably sound like a raging fanboy lmao but I’m not raging, I just loved DBZ and still do and this list just needed someone to speak out against it for justice lmao. In my raging-fanboy-opinion.

  2. AlphaShinigami

    Read the manga or watch the anime over again. Kid Buu will always be the best villain. He was the only one to ever destroy the earth, which others claimed they would do but never managed to and would have once again proceed to destroying the Kai’s realm, this time on his own free will, had Vegita and Goku not powered up to get his attention and make him come to them. Abilities wise, he was similar to cell, only difference being that cell couldn’t take his body apart and use that body part for attack. Let’s not forget the spirit bomb is the strongest attack in the DBZ universe and he was pushing it back frorcing Goku to go super saiyan to use it on him. Frieza did survive it but Goku was weaker back then. He was at his strongest when he fought Kid Buu. SS4 isn’t real because GT isn’t cannon. 2nd to Buu would be Cell, both the one that fought Goku, and Perfect Cell, the one that came back after Goku teleported him away so his self-destruction wouldn’t destroy earth. and this is a close second. 3rd would be Brolly. 4th would be Vegeta and 5th would be Bojack. Personally, I feel Frieza was one of the worst anime villains ever. 

  3. AlphaShinigami

    List Change. 

    1. Kid Bud 2. Super Buu, 3. Cell (forms already stated).4. Brolly (mech version created by people who saved him after he was sent into the sun not included).5. Vegeta. 

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