Robin: Month Four

It’s almost here! The big day we’ve all been waiting for as Damian Wayne takes center stage in his first solo series. “Robin: Son of Batman” hits shelves on June 17th, but before that, it’s time to learn who Damian Wayne is, for those who may not know him from his various predecessors.

Son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul, Damian is not only heir to the Wayne fortune, but to the legacy of the League of Assassin’s as the grandson of Ra’s Al Ghul. Because of his future responsibilities, Damian was trained from birth to be not only a skilled warrior but an overall talented young man. Whether in the business world or the battlefield, Damian is a gifted competitor, and he knows it.


Damian Wayne is a character who really changed things with his impressive debut, by essentially taking the Robin mantle from under the nose of then-sidekick Tim Drake. The rivalry between the two was no secret for much of their existence post-Flashpoint, as Tim took the Red Robin identity permanently, considered a partner as opposed to a sidekick by then-Batman Dick Grayson.

Fans had similar feelings to the young Wayne, with many claiming his attitude as off-putting. Others cited him to be a ripoff of Jason Todd, who was the original “bad boy” of the Robins. However, Damian has since grown on many fans. His growth and internal struggle to navigate life as best he can with the conflicting values of his mother and father have since made him a popular character in the Batman mythos.

Robin Rises Alpha3


Damian has served his father well in Batman’s war on crime, having a hand in assisting during the Court of Owls’ attempt to destroy Gotham from the inside out. Not only has Damian assisted in the field, to fans, he’s been able to show a new side of Bruce to readers. One that has to deal with fatherhood and superhero life at the same time. Despite not being his first time raising Robin, it’s a little different as this time he’s raising his actual son.

The young hero has had many adventures, but for spoilers sake, I’ll merely push you to pick up the various titles Damian is involved in, especially the Batman and Robin title. Along the way, Robin meets up with several characters throughout his time as Robin, including a sister from another universe, the Teen Titans, and even Terry McGinnis. However, comics aren’t the only place to see Damian Wayne in action.



In the new animated universe, Damian Wayne makes his first appearance in Son of Batman, where he battles the likes of Manbat, Nightwing, and even Deathstroke. He also finds himself at odds with his father in this year’s animated release Batman vs. Robin. Damian also makes his video-game debut in the hit game Injustice: Gods Among Us as Nightwing, a member of Superman’s Regime. Damian takes the name after the death of Dick Grayson.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Robin: Son of Batman when it releases June 17th, and in the meantime, visit your favorite comic shop to bone up before the big release!