(Update) Batman: Arkham Knight Pre-Order Listing Shows Download Size For All Platforms


According to a image from http://ps3trophies.com the file size for PS4 is now 50GB.


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Pre-order listings have revealed the download sizes for Batman: Arkham Knight and it will take a chunk out of you hard drive come Jun 23rd.

For PC it will run a hefty 45GB, Xbox One owners will have to have to make room for 44.98GB, and PS4 owners like myself will need 45.4GB of space. I don’t think these sizes factor in for any Day 1 update that comes with every game these days.

There will also be Day 1 DLC for those who pre-order including a number of skins, challenge maps, and the Red Hood and Harley Quinn story DLC’s.


You can check out our article on the Harley Quinn DLC, including a brief video showing some gameplay here.

Also PS4 owners will get some exclusive content as well.


All this extra DLC we have yet to see the download sizes of and more then likely won’t until the game release’s. Adding all that together it wouldn’t surprise me if the game is closer to 50GB day 1.

I have been extremely excited for this game ever since it was revealed back in Feb, of 2014. (I mean it’s a Rocksteady Batman game!! What’s not to be excited about?) and I can’t wait to get my hands on it on launch day.

With game sizes these days normally at least over 25GB and getting bigger all the time with things like DLC, updates and with all the amazing looking games coming this year, I’m glad I went ahead and spent $100 to put a 2TB HDD in my PS4, so I don’t have to worry about room for my games for a good long while….hopefully….45GB….yeah.

Source: IGN