Dimension Drive Gets Funded After Second Try

Dimension Drive is finally getting funded in Kickstarter the second time around after some rough setbacks from the previous Kickstarter. If you don’t remember, Dimension Drive was a game that got trolled last month during its Kickstarter by someone making a fake donation of $7000 which made the game get funded, only to dash the developers hopes by finding out that the pledge was fake shortly after. Even though the developer was discouraged they started up another Kickstarter for the game, and this time it has met with success.

In a post on the Kickstarter page the developers have released a statement after the game has successfully been funded, “We could not have done this without your help and never will thank you enough for all your support!” They also go on to state that even though a Jonathan ruined their previous Kickstarter, a new Jonathan helped in making them reach their final goal this time around, “In a twisted succession of events, a fraudulent pledge made by someone called “Jonathan” ruined our last campaign ( as you probably already know ) … and tonight while we were sleeping another Jonathan, 13 year old developer of Galagan’s Island and his recently created studio, Skinny Jean Death Studios, is making us reach the funding goal!”

Now that the games €30,000 goal has been met the dev team has also announced they will be adding stretch goals to the game, and with 14 days still to go there seems to be plenty of time for the stretch goals to be met as well. In the end, it seems like the fake pledge helped the game get funded the second time around with more people being aware of the game.

To check out the full update post of the game getting funded and if you want to help fund the game yourself you can head here.