Capcom Announces Mega Man Series For 2017

Capcom has made a deal with Man of Action Entertainment, and Dentsu Entertainment USA to create 26 episodes for a Mega Man animated series. Now then, don’t start getting too hopeful. The series isn’t planned to release until 2017, which means two whole years of waiting. (The Horror!)

Luckily there’s some real talent behind this. Man of Action Entertainment has been behind some fairly big shows. They created Ben 10 as well as Generator Rex.

Yuichi Kinoshita, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dentsu Entertainment USA said –

We are very excited about the opportunity to introduce an all-new Mega Man to loyal fans and kids, Having a celebrated character from Japan reimagined by Man Of Action is the ideal project for Dentsu Entertainment USA.

As excited as I am about the prospect of a new Mega Man animated series, what excites me even more is if it becomes successful. If the show becomes a hit, what do you think the chances are that Capcom would make another Mega Man game? If Capcom did decide to make another game, there is no telling if they would stick with the tried and true formula, or if they would try to change it up like some other iconic series has tried to do. *Shudder*

One way or another. This is some great news for fans everywhere!