Team Fortress 2 Introduces Maps Workshop Beta

The best hat collecting game Team Fortress 2 is getting an update today that is bringing support for custom maps to the Steam Workshop. In a blog post released today, the Team Fortress 2 team has announced that you will be able to browse created maps, create maps, and leave feedback for other players created maps.

From the post itself they state, “…mapmakers can instantly upload and get feedback on their maps… If you’re just in the market to play new maps, you can now browse the Maps Workshop and up-vote and subscribe to maps you like—or just connect to a server running a Workshop map and it will download automatically from the Workshop.”

This seems like a great idea as Team Fortress 2 is always a popular game for Valve and I could see many new players trying out some player created maps through the workshop instead of having to look through the servers in the game. The workshop is still in beta but the Team Fortress 2 team states they will also be working on improving the system based on feedback.

To check out the full post you can head to the official Team Fortress 2 blog here.