Guitar Hero Live Tracklist Tuesday Reveal: Week 4

You know the drill! Every Tuesday we learn more songs for the upcoming music game Guitar Hero Live, and this week’s reveal has come to light exclusively via Gamespot. As per the usual, we have added links to the songs for you guys in case you might not know them immediately.

This is the fourth reveal of new songs as part of the weekly Tracklist Tuesday announcements leading up to the game’s release this fall. Week one’s reveal gave us 24 various tracks, while week two gave us 10 songs focused on modern metal, and finally week three gave us 10 more songs with a focus on hard rock. I’m still hoping for a banjo tracklist reveal, but oh well.

What remains to be seen is whether these songs will be part of the Live or TV modes within the game. Guitar Hero’s Live mode puts the game in a live action, first-person perspective with crowds that react to your performance, while the TV mode plays like a TV channel that you jump into while music videos play in the background. We are sure to learn more information about the game at E3 in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!



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