Umbra Reaches Funding Goal, Starts Working on Stretch Goals

The upcoming game from SolarFall Games has reached its initial funding goal for Umbra on Kickstarter and has started working on stretch goals for backers. The games funding goal of $225,000 has been reached, and with 12 days still to go there are plenty of stretch goals that are in the works.

As for the game itself, Umbra is an open world action-RPG that takes place in a corrupted world that is falling apart. You will play as a former soldier forced to flee a death penalty because you have magical powers. You will be tracked by humans and hunted by monsters that are lurking in the wilds, until you are recruited by a mysterious group of templars and your adventure really begins.

Some of the features of the game include:
Free character development
No class limitation. You have three resources: Rage, Stamina and Mana, and they all interact with each other in order to balance gameplay.

Apocalyptic Form
According to your play style, you will develop special powers for your character, changing their abilities and look. Fierce melee warriors may gain a third arm to equip with a new weapon; a fire caster will have their skin turn into lava and heal from fire. Even wings and horns might appear on your character depending on your actions!

Advanced Crafting mini-game
Build your own weapons and armors thanks to a complex and challenging module in Umbra.

And many more including some features Solarfall would like to add with stretch goals, if they raise enough money. The game is being made with Crytek’s Cryengine and looks quite beautiful from the screenshots so far.

To check out more about the game you can head the games official page here. And if you would like to help back this project you can do so by heading to the Kickstarter here.