Splatoon Gets New Mode, Map and Weapons

Not even a week after launch, not-so-violent online shooter Splatoon gets fresh new DLC for its emerging community. The DLC contains a new map, bringing the current set to six in total, as well as some new weapons in the form of the NES Zapper used in classic games like Duck Hunt. Perhaps the most exciting addition in the free update is a new mode. Ranked mode opens up for anyone who has reached level ten in the online space and includes a King of the Hill type game variant. As mentioned before, its free, so go check it out!


Personally, I love it when companies release free content updates like this. It shows a certain amount of good will toward the player base and new content ensures that people keep coming back. Nintendo isn’t alone in this sort of initiative either, the recently released Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is also practicing this sort of generous approach to DLC. EA has also mentioned that the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront will be getting some free updates as well, the first being planet Jakku.


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