Fire Emblem if Shows Off “My Castle” Mode

During this week’s ‘Nintendo Direct’, the company showed off a new town building feature in Fire Emblem if. This new mode allows players to build and manage their own little town that will grant them access to shops and other buildings which can sell you new items, bestow buffs toward your next battle, and help improve your relationship with allies.

Your would-be hamlet starts off with some farms and mineral deposits to harvest food and materials, and from then on it’s time to expand. You’ll be able to build weapons shops and accessory shops which will provide access to new gear you can buy and equip on your characters. Each shop can also be leveled up numerous times, which expands your merchant’s stock as well as allow them to craft better items and equipment. You will also be able to build a Restaurant that will serve up some tasty meals that can provide both positive and negative effects toward your next battle, a Lottery shop that will take bets to potentially win new gear, and an Arena where you can fight other characters.

If you want to spend more quality time with your comrades, you can build a Bathhouse to soak in and increase your relationships. You’ll also have access to your own little nook called ‘My Room’, where you can send your teammates in for further one-on-one bonding. Not only that, but your Castle has a shrine to a small creature named Lilith who will level up as you feed her food but what she does is still a mystery.

If you’re one of the lucky few to own a Fire Emblem Amiibo, such as Marth, Ike, Lucina, or Robin, you can scan them into the game where they’ll show up looking for a fight. If you can best them in combat, they will join your party. vQO4GkRMy Castle Mode will also function as an in-depth StreetPass system, allowing you access to other people’s castles and their shops. This will be an important feature, as the two versions of Fire Emblem if, White Kingdom and Black Kingdom, will have different sets of weapons only available in that version of the game. If you manage to StreetPass with someone who has the opposite version as you, then you might be able to acquire some exclusive weapons to that version you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. In addition to using StreetPass to gain access to exclusive weapons and materials, the players you meet can also be fought in combat and, much like the Amiibos, if you manage to defeat them they’ll offer their service in your army.

There are many interesting features in ‘My Castle’ Mode and most likely many more to be announced and discovered. Fire Emblem if will be released in Japan on June 25th for Nintendo 3DS and in the West sometime in 2016.

(Source: Siliconera)