[UPDATE] Microsoft Boss Denies Silent Hills Rumor

Update: Well, that’s a bummer. Xbox head Phil Spencer just took to twitter to debunk the rumors that they may be reviving the project.

This is really unfortunate to hear, but at least we didn’t get any misleading speculation.

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Previously thought to be dead, Silent Hills may actually come back, but as an Xbox One exclusive.

As the video states, Microsoft is supposedly in talks with Konami to purchase the game and release it as an Xbox One Exclusive. Additionally, the video above claims the game is almost 80% complete, meaning it could be out sometime in the earlier half of next year. Microsoft hopes to close this deal in time to make an announcement during E3, which would be absolutely massive news to reveal during their press conference. The deal is said to be in the billions range, which seems a bit crazy given the series hasn’t been very popular in recent years.

This is obviously a rumor, but a huge one nonetheless. Rooster Teeth claims this tip comes from the same source that told them Microsoft would release the Xbox One without a Kinect sensor well before it became official, so do with that information what you will.

This news comes in light of the recent actions done by Konami in their efforts to focus on mobile gaming. The project was cancelled and the playable teaser for the game, aptly named P.T., was completely removed from the Playstation Store, diminishing almost all hope that this game would ever see the light of day. The project was quite ambitious, featuring the talents of Norman Reedus and direction by Guillermo Del Toro. With E3 coming in just a couple weeks, time will tell if we may yet see this game live…