The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Ep. 42

Oh, you’re here. You are probably wondering why I’ve gathered you all here today. To listen to the best damn podcast around, that’s why! The Best Podcast on the Citadel is here to break down this week’s biggest gaming stories, and, apparently, sing the praises of The Witcher 3, which some us were able to tear ourselves away from long enough to record this thing. Hosts Blake Anglin and Chris Mrkvicka are joined by fellow GameNews writers Jack Kimberlin and Andrew Preble to talk about this week’s story, but our tale here begins in the war-torn land of Velen.

Like many of you, Blake and Jack have been absolutely enthralled by CD Projekt Red’s open world masterpiece The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, and they talk a little about their experience with the title, whether or not the bugs are as bad as some have said any lament why Geralt cantries’t fall more than a few feet without losing half of his life bar. It’s good times. Andrew and Chris also discuss the *cough vastly inferior cough* games they have been playing lately, and the first of many avenues of hate mail open up.

Small sample sizes can ruin any proper study, but sometimes that can actually be a good thing. Despite the gaming world being turned upside down as many gamers try to track down the elusive creatures known as Amiibos. Luckily, none of the guys here have got in on the craze, so they can objectively ridicule those who do. I kid of course, Amiibos are turning out to be quite the collectors item (turns out stealing a truck of them is a viable option), but who is to blame for the supply and demand problems afflicting these cute little buggers? We try to figure it out.

After last week’s discussion of Capcom and their business strategy of remastered collections, we try to guess what might be coming next down the remastered pipeline. We were all wrong, of course, as no one guessed that Resident Evil Zero would be the next title to get the HD treatment. Why this particular game? Would they have been better served choosing another game, or even series to focus on? Zero might actually make more sense than you would think, and we discuss why.

We also look ahead to E3, and the dreadfully shallow Sony lineup that is confirmed for this fiscal year. With Uncharted 4 the only big first-party exclusive on the horizon, we hazard some guesses as to what surprises E3 may hold on that front, and whether or not Sony is in danger of losing their lead in the console wars (if they are even in the lead to begin with). And with E3 figuratively right around the corner, we take a break from our crystal balls to look back and pick our top games of the year so far.

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