Target Limits Customers to Two Amiibo per Character

With the fourth wave of Amiibo’s being released tomorrow, Target has revealed that they will only allow customers to purchase two figures for each character. Most Target stores will have every character with the exception of Greninja, a Toys”R”Us exclusive, and Ness, a Gamestop exclusive. The Jigglypuff amiibo, which is Target’s exclusive, will most likely be the first sold out in stores.

Target has directly stated their policy on the matter in the following tweet:


This attempt of limitation will most likely not limit the scalping of the figures. With six new characters available at Target, 12 can be purchased by a single customer. This amount can add up pretty substantially over a few customers if they all do the same thing.

If you do not have the time nor the desire to be one of the first at your store of choice, eBay currently has the Jigglypuff for an average price of $35. After the figures are officially released though, the prices will surely drop.