Starfall Tactics: PvP Excitement!

Snowforged Entertainment just released the trailer for their new game Starfall Tactics! The game was also greenlit by the steam community.

As you may know, there are a few key features that set this game apart from the other RTS games available now! Firstly, there’s the tactical combat and in-depth customization. Battles can feature a variety of ships, and every single ship is created using blueprints that players can use to customize every aspect of their ships.

Starfall Tactics 3

The combat itself is the next defining feature, bringing players into a world of intense action and stimulating visuals.

 Starfall Tactics 4

The third aspect of the game that shows impeccable promise is the high stakes galaxy conquests. Players can unite as a clan to take ownership of sectors, and freely travel to explore the confines of known space in search of more resources, more planets, and more battles.
Starfall Tactics 2

What you may not know is the multiplayer aspect of Starfall Tactics will involve an action packed one-versus-one duel mode at release, then later progress to three-versus-three cooperative action. The competitive matches will be server-based to ensure the best quality matches. These considerations combine to ensure that players will be forced to consider the design of their ships, and work together to create a fleet of unstoppable proportions.

To learn more about Snowforged Entertainment and Starfall Tactics, please visit the original website.

The Kickstarter campaign for Starfall Tactics is still ongoing and has surpassed the halfway mark! If you want to donate to the Kickstarter campaign, click here.