More Overwatch Gameplay, Tracer Zips Around in Most Recent Video

Blizzard is continuing its trend of releasing gameplay videos for Overwatch, and this time we get to see the time-traveling adventurer Tracer show off her moves. In the video we get to see Tracer use all her moves including her rapid fire pulse pistols, her ultimate ability which allows her to toss a pulse bomb that will stick to anything it lands on, and finally the thing that makes this character so unique, her ability to blink around the map from up to 3 stored charges or recall to wherever she was a few seconds ago with the same amount of health and ammo at that time.

Judging from the video, Tracer seems like a hero that is fast paced and in the action at all times. You are probably going to need some pretty quick reflexes in order to play well as this character. You can check out more of Tracer on the Overwatch page here. If you want to see some more gameplay videos you could also check out Mercy or Hanzo.