New Xbox One Controllers Coming Next Month?

A new image on the official Xbox Support website is suggesting that starting in June, Xbox One controllers will have a dedicated headphone port built into the controller.



This was originally seen here but has since been removed. However, we kept a screenshot of the new image. As you can see above, label 16 is defined as follows: “3.5-mm port (16). Used to connect compatible 3.5-mm audio devices,” the support article said. “Only available on controllers released after June 2015.” This port would sit alongside the expansion port already seen in current models. The expansion port is currently used for the headsets or extensions, such as an official adapter that allows the use of 3.5-mm ports for larger headsets or headphones for audio without the use of television speakers (perfect for those with sleeping roommates!). Keep in mind this is not an official announcement, but with E3 around the corner we are sure to hear more soon.

This is a great move for Microsoft. The lack of a headphone port at launch when the PlayStation 4 controller had one immediately was a bit of a bummer, and releasing the adapter was a move in the right direction. Personally, I think this addition should come alongside a built-in battery that charges via USB instead of the separate add-on pack.

Seriously, I’m sick of buying AA batteries.