NCSOFT Growing

Have you heard of NCSOFT before? Maybe you have and you just didn’t realize it. They are the company behind Blade & Soul, Lineage II, The Guild Wars Franchise, and of course WildStar. Now that you know more about NCSOFT, let me tell you the most recent news about them, they’re growing! Exciting, right?

Today NCSOFT put out a press release stating their plans to start moving into the mobile space, as well as the new hires for this new venture. They intend to grow the Mobile Studio significantly over the next year, where they will work on new IP, as well as existing games.

John Burns, Senior Vice President of Publishing at NCSOFT West said –

We are expanding our product pipeline via more products from our Korean HQ, from M&A activity and via a heavy focus on mobile development. We also continue to accelerate by building on the existing great teams and people we have here at NCSOFT West and by adding additional areas of expertise that support our expanding cross-platform initiatives.

NCSOFT seems to have some big plans set for the future. Personally, I’m still excited about the recent Announcement regarding WildStar.