Lego Worlds Advertisement Discovered, Potential Minecraft Competitor?

To one fan’s surprise on the Eurobricks forums, an advertisement for what looks like the next Lego game has been discovered, titled Lego Worlds.


From what the image shows, Lego Worlds looks to break from the traditional Lego game adaptations of popular media and into a more sandbox-oriented title, with the advertisement stating “Explore. Discover. Create.” As can be expected, the game looks like it will be developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Warner Bros. Games.

At first glance, this immediately looks like the company is trying to compete with Minecraft, which has been wildly successful. The Lego company has previously stated they wish they were the ones who made Minecraft, so making their own game seems like the next best thing. This picture is all we know at the moment, but E3 is only a few weeks away. If we are to learn more, it will almost certainly be then and there.

Likely before this gets released or even officially revealed, we will see Lego Jurassic World release on June 12 this year for PC and all major consoles and handhelds. The game will include the stories from the original Jurassic Park trilogy as well as the upcoming Jurassic World movie, due to release on the same day as the game.

Additionally, Lego Dimensions will also be released later this year on September 27 for North America and September 29 for Europe. Lego Dimensions looks to enter the toys-to-life market with a plethora of stories and Lego figures and of characters from popular stories such as Batman and Lord Of The Rings. Trailers for both upcoming games can be seen below.