Five Anime Pieces You Can Wear Anywhere

Some things you can wear pretty much anywhere. A graphic t-shirt, jeans, the majority of hats. Oftentimes, in anime though, we see clothing we can’t wear everywhere. Sometimes it’s for practicality reasons, and sometimes it’s just not socially acceptable to wear a cape to the office. Some pieces though, are actually quite fashionable though. As a man who likes to think he’s got a solid wardrobe, I think I’m a good judge of stylishness in this case, and with that in mind, I came up with five anime-inspired components you can wear anywhere without fear of being gawked at.

1. Survey Corps Jacket – Attack on Titan

The Survey Corps jacket is one of the most iconic pieces of the popular series Attack on Titan. I’ve actually seen people wear these on occasion for no real reason (no cons, or anything of that nature.) Personally, I think it looks pretty solid. I’m generally not one for short jackets, but this isn’t a bad one. It’s understated enough at a first glance, but if you know what you’re looking at it’s pretty cool to see. Easily something you could throw on during a chilly day.  The cloaks would also make a fine addition on an especially frigid day.

2. Vash the Stampede’s glasses – Trigun


For those of you who don’t know me personally, I’m not nearly as dangerous as the $$60, 000,000,000 man. Still, rocking a pair of shades like this could probably have you feeling like you’re worth that much. A curious look that’s a good conversation starter, and depending, you probably do have some solid protection from the sun for your eyes. Quite frankly, you probably look like a bit of a badass too. In fact, I’m hoping to get a pair of these in the near future.

3.  Sasuke Uchiha’s Sleeves – Naruto


Don’t make the mistake of thinking your wardrobe has to always be functional. Most of the time, what looks good doesn’t serve much of a purpose. Like these sick sleeves Sasuke wore throughout most of Part 1 of Naruto. I’m not going to lie. After Part 1, it was pretty much all downhill for Sasuke for me, but one thing that I can’t deny is that he had some solid outfits throughout the series. Right up until everyone got old and lame, and started dressing like, as Johnny “Crystal” Clear called it, “Disco Santa Clause.” But yeah, cool day out, don’t feel like grabbing a jacket, slip these bad boys on and you’re out the door.

4. Toddler Gohan’s Hat – Dragonball Z


Here we have a solid mixture of two of my favorite things. Hats and Dragon Ball Z. Those of you who are fans may recognize this as a woven version of the hat Gohan wore as a child, which held the Four Star Dragon Ball. Personally, I’m a hat man, so this is obviously a piece I would wear, and depending on the time of year, may draw some whispers and odd looks your way. Still, you may find yourself in the midst of good company and conversation because of it. I’ve gotten and complimented my fair share of people based on an article of DBZ material they wore.

5. Roger Smith’s watch – Big O


Remember what I said about not all clothing have to be functional? Well, that especially applies to this number here. Roger Smith is one of the coolest characters in anime (in my opinion,) but this watch serves little use than to keep your wrist slightly warm. Especially since I feel you could wear one of those new Apple or I watches and be slightly more accurate given what it does, but I digress. I wouldn’t have much problem wearing this, because I personally like a little wrist wear, regardless of function, and it does look pretty cool if you ask me.

 So, that’s me. How about yourself? Got any pieces in particular you would like to (or actually do) wear out, on a semi-consistent basis? Feel free to share and share fashion tips in the comments! Later days!

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