Smash Fighter Ballot: Give Lloyd a Chance

A lot of people want to see their favorite video game characters fight each other. We always want to know who would beat whom in a fight, and Super Smash Bros. is the game that lets you do that. With the latest installment of Nintendo’s franchise fighter, they’ve done a few thing differently: new characters; downloadable content; and, earlier this year, the chance to really get some fan input on who we want to see with their Super Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot.

That’s right, fans. You have the chance to heavily influence who could join the Smash roster. Now, there are tons of characters that would make fine additions to Super Smash Bros. Names like Shovel Knight, Bayonetta, and even Goku have all been thrown around by fans. With that said, I’m going to make the case for one character in particular: Lloyd Irving of  2003’s Tales of Symphonia for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Lloyd is the protagonist of the cult classic, Tales of Symphonia. Initially a stubborn youth with little regard for the consequences of his own actions, over the course of the game he matures into a brave warrior with a clear goal in mind. Raised by a dwarf, the twin swordsman is a self-taught fighter who focuses on speed and versatility to compensate for a lack of strength and damage output.

As for what he brings to the table, let’s look at characters he would be most similar to: Pit/Dark Pit, Link, and Marth. All are swordsmen to a degree, but each one sets himself apart. Pit/Dark Pit have arrows and their angelic anatomy to fall back on. He also has enough variety to fight at both short and mid-range effectively. Link brings a number of tools to the table for various types of damage and numerous multi-hit moves. Marth is the quicker of the three and has some impressive short-range attacks and knockback ability.

So, where does Lloyd fit into all this? Somewhere between the speed of Marth and versatility of Pit/Dark Pit in regards to his ability to play the field from both short and medium distances. Lloyd has a huge pool of moves to draw from throughout the Tales series.

A major barrier to Lloyd’s inclusion is his relative obscurity. I counter with the fact that, before Smash I hadn’t heard of Earthbound, where Lucas and Ness originated. The same goes for Shulk with Xenoblade or Fire Emblem characters. Still, those characters have gained a solid fanbase in both America and Japan, so obscurity shouldn’t play a ton against characters as long as they contribute something.

Likewise, some would argue that Lloyd shouldn’t make the cut because Namco already has Pac-Man representing them. While Lloyd may not be nearly as popular as Pac-Man, and you could make a case that every franchise featuring “too many” reps has a lot more popularity than those with fewer reps. All the same, with people wanting characters like Krystal and Knuckles, I think there’s room for more when it comes to third-party companies having more than one rep if the fans ask for it.LloydHeader_zpsa841e0fc


Give that fact—as well as the aforementioned points—people should take this opportunity to give Lloyd a chance. Maybe even play Tales of Symphonia and try him out for yourself. If not Tales of Symphonia, Lloyd has appeared in both the Tales of the World series and Tales of VS., a Tales-based fighting game. He’s even been featured in a Soul Calibur title.

I’m not the only one who is pulling for Lloyd to gain some headway in the votes, and we’ve got until October. He’s a popular choice among some circles and was even featured in Super Smash Flash. There have been videos on Lloyd’s placement in the game, people have created highly-detailed posts about what features he would bring (like his theme and stages), and numerous pieces of artwork have been created in support of Lloyd in Smash Bros.


I could go on about why Lloyd deserves a spot in Super Smash Bros., but I’ll leave you with this: regardless of whether you vote for Lloyd, this is a prime opportunity for both the gaming community and Nintendo to really let our voices be heard. It would be silly not to vote for your favorite. Even if you don’t think there’s much chance, your guy or girl could make it.

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  1. FunAtParties

    “regardless of whether you vote for Lloyd, this is a prime opportunity for both the gaming community and Nintendo to really let our voices be heard. It would be silly not to vote for your favorite. Even if you don’t think there’s much chance, your guy or girl could make it.”

    This is somehow really inspirational.

    • TysonJ

      I’m glad you think so, and regardless of the results, I’ll be curious to see what Nintendo does with the results, and if they’re actually able to do something with them.

      • FunAtParties

        Yeah me too. There’s so many characters I want in this game (and a lot that I don’t), I’m really interested in seeing how this thing turns out. It’s nerve-wrecking.

        Anyway great article, hope for your sake Lloyd gets in, but as for me, I gotta keep supporting the IC’s. I just gotta have my IC’s.

        • TysonJ

          Well thank you, and hopefully the outcome is favorable for you as well.

          Although, I’m curious. What’s an IC?

          • TysonJ

            I’m a little surprised at how missed the Ice Climbers are by fans, but then again, I’m the same way when it comes to Wolf. Although, in all honesty, I feel like Wolf has a chance of still making it as DLC. I mean, if they’re going to bring back Mewtwo and Lucas, I see no reason Wolf couldn’t make the cut as well.

          • FunAtParties

            A lot of people love the Ice Climbers for their playstyle and a lot of people love em’ for the actual characters. I’m a little of both. I really hope they come back, they’re my favorite characters, and I’d hate for my favorite characters to end up being a casualty to the 3ds in the end.

            Wolf isn’t really surprising to me, because back in the pre-Brawl days Nintendo had a last second poll that had Sonic and Wolf come out on top (the only reason either of those characters made it in)

          • TysonJ

            I’m curious. Why is it that the Ice Climbers got cut, if you don’t mind me asking? I thought they were fine, even though I wasn’t a huge user of them, myself.

            A lot of people think Wolf is being saved for E3, and as you said, for the StarFox game announcement. I agree though, that’s a pretty cheap move. Personally, I think Nintendo need to do some reevaluating on how they do these reps. Potentially five FE characters, six Pokemon (seriously?) I get that their popular, but I can’t imagine Jigglypuff and Charizard were in high demand, but I think it’s part of getting people hyped for the new Pokemon games and such.

            I don’t even see Wolf as much of a clone of Fox. At the very least, he has much more originality than Falco does and he stayed. They even kept his moves and theme in the game, so I think he’s got a solid shot of returning.

          • FunAtParties

            Obligatory sorry for the wall of text. I probably ended up ranting a lot, so if you’re are going to read this, prepare yourself. 🙂

            Ice Climbers were cut due to the fact they weren’t working on the 3ds version during the development of the game. Through translations, many have paraphrased this as the 3ds not being powerful enough to handle the Ice Climbers, but if you read between the lines I believe he cut them due to the fact he was already facing delays and didn’t want to A) hamper the development of other characters by focusing on IC’s and B) delay the game further. That being said I don’t see any reason they couldn’t be released on the Wii U (apparently he had them “fully functional” on the Wii U) and promised to 3ds owners at a later time, but apparently he’s been adamant that both versions (even though one game costs a full 20$ more) need to have the same rosters at all times.

            As for the other characters, all I have to say is you’d be surprised. For example the Pokemon series is still extremely popular, and a lot of fans want even more characters from that series to be in. I personally don’t, but I’m not going to fault anyone for listening to fans.
            I mean, for example, there are a lot of Jigglypuff fans around the community, mainly based on the fact that she has been in all the games leading up to this,(for a lot of people, the original 12 is untouchable) and the fact that she still plays a part in Melee’s competitive scene. Her character may not be nearly as important as it was back in 1999, but there isn’t any real reason to kick her off.

            Charizard on the other hand, doesn’t make much sense. There wasn’t ever that much demand for his own character, and, unlike Puff, he doesn’t offer a ton gameplay-wise. He wasn’t even the most popular of the Pokemon Trainer’s pokemon (that was Squirtle), so I have a hard time figuring out why he was chosen to return.

            To see FE have 4 (possibly 5) reps is ridiculous, but not because their franchise doesn’t deserve it or anything like that; because the new characters being chosen are terrible choices. If we’ve learned anything from Mewtwo, it’s that Sakurai’s not changing anything when it comes to movesets, which means somehow with the Roy leak, he finds it necessary to have 2 clones of Marth. Out of a series that has magic users (Micaiah), ax users (Hector), and lancers (Ephraim) we gotta go with 3 sword users who all fight the same exact way. It’s just dumb.

          • Tyson Jones

            It’s all cool. I just feel bad taking so long getting back to you, but don’t worry about the WoT.

            I will say, I don’t think anyone would be that upset if the only thing stopping Smash from releasing sooner was a couple more characters. The fans can be patient (not like they have a choice,) and in the end, it leads to a better product, because the characters come out better and with more thought for them. I don’t think the ICs or anyone should make a cut because of development.

            I see what you’re saying with J-Puff, and honestly, I miss the Trainer. I liked playing with him a lot, and I don’t even like Charizard, but I did like his other two Pokemon. I figure it’s because Charizard is a version mascot, and big dog for Ash and Red. Plus, I actually think, he may be the most popular of the original three starter final evolution, but don’t quote me.

            I personally just think it’s kind of lame for some people to not want other certain characters because “there’s too many swordsmen.” That’s a Fire Emblem problem, so you can’t even say that, unless you actually mean “there’s too many FE characters.” Either way, regardless of weapon or fighting style, I have no problems either way, but yeah, I personally don’t see why we need both Roy and Marth in again.

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