New Details on Batman: Arkham Knight Preorder DLC

Today WB Entertainment along with PlayStation have released a new trailer giving us a glimpse at the exclusive content that will only be found on the PlayStation 4 at launch. This includes the Justice League 3000 Batman skin, the Adam West 1966 Batman And Batmobile Skins, and a new look at the Scarecrow Nightmare missions.

Along with the trailer, new DLC was revealed as a pre order bonus to customers who purchase the steam edition of the game. “Gotham’s Future” skin pack includes The Dark Knight Returns and Batman Beyond costume skins.


It’s currently unclear if this is a launch exclusive to Steam or if it will be a pre order bonus made available for other consoles. All of the DLC is expected to be released for purchase later in the year.

Until an inevitable “Game of the Year” edition is released, it looks like it’s going to be difficult to have a definitive version of the game for a reasonable price at launch. With the Harley Quinn pack, Red Hood pack, Scarecrow missions, Batmobile skins, Batman costumes, the season pass at launch alone, is this too much DLC right out of the gate?

Check back with GameNews for more! Batman: Arkham Knight will be available June 23rd on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.