Aria, New Killer Instinct Character Coming Soon

Aria, the final character of Killer Instinct Season 2 on Xbox One, is releasing for Ultra Editions owners May 29, 2015 and for Combo Breaker Edition owners June 4, 2015. Aria is an artificial intelligence designed to be the perfect leader and the ultimate being, Aria is also the main antagonist of Killer Instinct (Xbox One), who was first teased in the secret arcade ending of Killer Instinct Season 1, Aria is also the current head of Ultratech. You can check out the trailer for Aria below.


Aria’s body is made up of three drones that the player can switch through at will. Each drone has different and unique moves/properties, as well as their own health bar. However, not all of Aria’s moves are changed with each drone, she has a normal attack set and two kick based special attacks that carry over across all the drones. Each drone corresponds to a different playstyle and the description of each drone may be found below.

  • Booster Drone builds a body capable of incredible air maneuverability and has an air / ground rush attack move.
  • Blade Drone builds a body with a sword arm that uses prototype sonic vibration tech.  It is capable of rushing slashes, an invulnerable uppercut, a grounded overhead, chip damage normals, and increased poke range.
  • Bass Drone builds a body with a prototype sonic cannon in the chest and can deliver high, low, and anti-air multi-hit projectiles that travel at sonic speeds.

Aria seems like she will be an interesting character to fight as/against and I’m happy to see Killer Instinct receive continued support from the developers.