Star Citizen Accidentally Leaks Assets

Star Citizen has accidentally leaked some assets for their upcoming game, around 48 GB worth of assets, and from those assets some players have managed to find some ships that are possibly coming to the game. Apparently, a community manager for Star Citizen posted some screenshots that included a partial URL. This being the internet, someone was able to guess the rest of the URL, the URL has since been taken down but not before some people were able to download the 48GB of assets. After that, people began to poke around in the assets to see if there was anything interesting and they ended up finding some spaceships, and videos have made their way online of the ships they have been finding.

I have included 2 videos of some ships that have been discovered below, notably the Bengal and the Vanduul Stinger. According to some of the original posters of the videos, there are multiple versions of the ships so the videos are mostly giving you an idea of the scale of the ships more than anything else. Obviously since these are assets and not the final release the ships do look a little weird or just odd. I don’t know if the videos will be up for long since they are from leaked assets, so check them out now in case they get taken down.

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