New Items Revealed for The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: Afterbirth

Last week we heard about new music and changes to sacrifice rooms coming to The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: Afterbirth, this week we get to learn about two new items that will be coming to the game with Afterbirth.

The first item is called Dead Eye and gives Isaac’s right eye a red target that makes each consecutive hit with your tears cause them increase your damage, up to a possible 2x damage and also increases your tear size. The second item is known as Continuum which makes Isaac’s eyes become holes that will glow purple and cause his tears to shoot through the stage and come out on the other side, similar to how the bullets in Asteroids worked. Both of these items are fan suggestions, so you can see that Edmund McMillen really is listening to what the community wants for the game.

Also included in this weeks blog post is the reveal that Afterbirth is going to feature daily runs with scoreboards where players can compete for highscores. McMillen does not reveal how the scoring will work and instead says more will be coming in a later post.

If you want to check out the full blog post for yourself you can head here.

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