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Horror Game “Until Dawn” Has A Late August Release Date

The horror game “Until Dawn” from Supermassive Games has been given a release date and it’s not too far off. Releasing on August 25, Until Dawn is inspired by numerous teen slasher flicks such as “Friday the 13th” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. The game will also allow the player to make choices that could lead to different characters living or dying, this feature is known as the “Butterfly Effect” and could lead to several different ending depending on the player’s actions. Alongside the release date came a new trailer, which may be found below.

I’m always excited to see a new horror title and the way that choices could splinter is an exciting idea. The gameplay looks very similar to the hit PS3 game Heavy Rain, with lots of timed button presses and moving the controller to do things that require force, like slamming doors shut. If you’re interested in Until Dawn you can check out some gameplay below.

Until Dawn is planned for release on August 25 for PlayStation 4.

{Source: Game Informer}