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Capcom Announces Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

An exclusive article posted to Dengekionline today confirms the long rumored Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster. Capcom has scheduled the release window for Japan in early 2016. There are no other details for release elsewhere at this time, but it is expected to be available for digital download in other territories, including the United States in 2016.

After the success of the Resident Evil HD Remaster, this announcement comes as no surprise. With Capcom’s focus diverted to HD remasters, It’s the next logical step for their Resident Evil franchise. Along with the first in-game screenshot, Capcom has released new shots of the remastered models of the two main characters, Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen. Check them out below!


image image

This prequel to Resident Evil was originally available as a GameCube exclusive in 2002.  Later available on the Wii in 2009, integrating wiimote and nunchuck control capabilities. Originally released to a mixed reception, the game is fondly remembered today by its fans as a classic Resident Evil game that retains the true spirit of the series. The new HD remaster should be very successful for Capcom.

Zero is one of my personal favorite Resident Evil games, and I am happy to finally see more details surface about the remaster for high definition consoles! Are you excited for Resident Evil Zero HD or should Capcom be focusing more on a brand new Resident Evil game? Let us know below, and be sure to check in with GameNews for more developments on Resident Evil Zero HD!

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  1. Shelby Walles

    Good to see that classic Resident Evil fans are getting more love. The HD REmake sold a ton so I’m sure they’ll keep making them if this does well also. Personally, I’m not a big fan outside of RE4 and RE: Revelations 2 but I hope the old, loyal fans get what they want in the future.

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