Armello Coming to PS4, Gets New Playable Characters

Armello, the kickstarter funded game being created by League of Geeks, is going to be coming to the PS4 this coming September. The game is known as a “Game of Thrones-esque” game with tactical card play, rich tabletop strategy and RPG elements. The player will control “Hero” from one of the four animal clans and travel throughout the world, performing various quests, exploring, vanquishing monsters, performing the Mad King’s royal edicts and will also go against other players, with the end goal to try and become the king or queen of Armello.

Players will start in their own clans area and will be able to explore the world with action points that are used when you move your character. The world is procedurally generated so you won’t have to worry about ever playing the same game twice. There are four ways to win in Armello each with their own specific rules for winning including, combat, prestige victory, spirit stone collection, and rot victory.

The game is also going to be receiving a complete visual upgrade when the game launches later this September, as well as increasing the the current amount of playable characters from four to eight. Another addition is the male bear clan hero, Brun Oakbreaker. You can check out the announcement trailer for the game coming to PS4 below.

You can also check out the game on Steam here where it is currently in early access for $24.99, and if you want to learn more about the game you can head to the official page by heading here.