Devs for Project Cars Experiencing Problems Porting to Wii U

According to Ian Bell, head of Slightly Mad Studios, the developers for Project Cars are experiencing problems trying to port the game to the Wii U. In a recent thread in the official Project Cars forums Ian Bell describes the problems they are encountering in porting the game.

In the thread, which is about the sales figures for the game on other systems, one user posted “I take it with the game selling so well, the WiiU version should be getting polished up as well as new innovative features? I e, gamepad integration for livery editing.” To which Bell replied, “I can’t say too much but we’re awaiting E3 with baited breath.” And further went on to explain, “Don’t read wrongly into that… OK I’ll come clean. At the moment we’re running at about 23FPS on the WiiU. We’re awaiting/hoping for more of a hardware announcement at E3…”

When also asked if the resolution of the game for the Wii U they were experiencing the 23FPS on was 720p, Bell stated, “Honestly, unless we really cut the looks back I think we’re looking to Nintendo’s next console. 720p yes.” One final post Bell left relating to the amount of frames they were experiencing was, “We could reach a fairly solid 30FPS but it might take a hell of a lot of work. On the other hand, about halfway through us finishing, Nintendo might announce a new console (I have zero knowledge on this BTW but I’ve heard ‘rumours’). Our work might just be the best thing that ever hit that new console in the driving sim genre.”

Project Cars released earlier this month on the Xbox One, PC, and PS4 with good reviews, so it’s a shame that the game is having so many problems when it comes to the Wii U version when it sounds like there are plenty of people who would enjoy playing Project Cars on the Wii U. Hopefully the devs will be able to find some way to make the game work without sacrificing too much of the games core elements.

If you want to read Bell’s full posts for yourself you can head to the following links, 1, 2, 3, 4. 

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