Devs Losing Faith In Desura

Where to start on this one? It’s a little convoluted so I guess I should start at the beginning. Some might ask “Jeriah! What’s Desura?” and I might say “GET OFF OF MY LAWN!” I might also say that Desura is basically a interface to find games, sort of like Steam but for indie games, if I have to be reductive.

Why am I telling you about Desura? Great question reader. I’m telling you because Desura is dealing with some drama as of late.

Desura was recently accused of not paying developers what they rightfully deserve. The post on Reddit that really brought this to light was from a developer of Battle Fleet 2.

I’m an indie developer with a game on Desura called Battle Fleet 2.

Battle Fleet 2 was launched on Desura in the summer of 2014 and since then the company has refused to make any payment to us, the game’s developers, from the sales of the game. We have repeatedly tried to contact them but they have stopped answering our communications and we have also learned that they are doing this with other developers…

The post from this Developer goes on to say

If you’ve purchased a copy of Battle Fleet 2 on Desura, 0% of that money has gone to the developers. Desura, now owned by Bad Juju Games, has decided to keep it all for themselves.

With all of this coming to light, Desura has unsurprisingly responded to the allegations. They stated that they are currently going through some changes and troubles. For starters, their CEO is currently in the hospital and they are also moving offices. After Desura stated some problems, they continued by addressing the Developers.

For developers being affected:

We are not refusing to pay you, this is a promise. There are delays, and issues which need work to correct, but we will absolutely be paying all accounts due. If you have not reached out about your issue, please email one of the above addresses, and you WILL get a reply from me personally. You do matter, and we are taking this very seriously

Desura updated their statement to to explain that the office move, and pointing out that their CEO was hospitalized wasn’t the reason for the lack of payments, but rather that it complicated the situation. Desura pointed out that the lack of an automated payment system was the real issue.

I hope that the developers get their money, and hopefully this drama doesn’t follow Desura for the rest of their days.

What do you think? Was Desura trying to un-bury themselves after some selfish money making scheme? Was it really just a humble mistake? Let me know!

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