VR Zombie Shooter Announced for Steam

Steam has no shortage of first person zombie games on the market, but Arizona Sunshine, a new zombie shooter by Vertigo Games, is unique in its genre for being built from the ground up to be played in virtual reality.

Players will fight for their survival from both the zombie horde and the unbearable heat of the post-apocalyptic Arizona wastes.

Arizona Sunshine will use the SteamVR powered HTC Vive, which will utilize the device’s motion trackers to enhance immersion in the zombie infested desert. Players will get closer than ever before to the dead and decaying while managing perishables like weapons, ammo, and consumables.

Vertigo Game’s second HTC Vive project is on Steam, with a release date of “2015,” and will be playable in small chunks or in one fell swoop to accomodate for those easily sickened by VR.

You can check out a short teaser from Vertigo Game’s YouTube below.


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